Creature Hero Activities

Here you’ll find some awesome activities to do with your family! There are so many fascinating creatures to learn from, even right in our very own neighborhoods. Get started with these Creature Hero activities:

Children Writing
Explore the creatures living near you!
  • Spot 5 creatures around your neighborhood
  • Take a picture of each creature
  • Print and label each picture
  • Put them into a fun collage or decoration!
  • Challenge yourself by finding even more than 5 creatures!
Children Writing
Draw your own Ecosystem!
  • Gather pencils, paint, or other materials!
  • Draw your favorite wildlife
  • Get creative! Add new habitats and awesome locations!
  • Place your drawing on your refrigerator door (or another place in your house) for decoration!
Children Exploring on Nature Walk
Go on a nature walk!
  • Whether in a wildlife refuge or at your local park, there are nature walks for everyone!
  • Take your family on a creature adventure by going on a nature walk
  • Try to spot any creatures on your walk!
  • Take pictures of all the sights you see
Write a story on wildlife
  • Write a short story about an animal you’ve encountered
  • The story could even be about an animal that you’d like to meet, but haven’t yet
  • Try adding illustrations!
  • Read it to your friends and family
Read an article about the environment
  • Choose an article from the list below and read it to yourself or with family
  • Write a short paragraph about what you learned from the article
Sheep at Farm
A trip to meet domesticated creatures
  • Find a farm near you that offers tours or lets you walk the grounds
  • Travel to the farm with your friends or family
  • Meet all the farm animals!
  • Remember to ask lots of questions to learn more about how farms work!
  • If you’re feeling extra Creature Hero-y, ask the farmer about how they are using sustainable practices to help the environment!