Create the Creaturefuge

Create the Creaturefuge

Help us create a new wildlife refuge for the Creatures you love most!

"We are purchasing and protecting critical wildlife habitat in North America to create a wildlife refuge…and we need your help!"

The Kratt Brothers

Fundraise for the Creaturefuge

Anyone, no matter how big or small, can make a difference in the things that matter to them most. If you love wild animals, you can help the Creature Hero team create the Creaturefuge: an important wildlife refuge for amazing animals.

The Creature Hero Foundation will make sure the money you raise goes right to the Creaturefuge Fund and helps protect the creatures you love!

Check out some fun ways that other Creature Heroes have raised money for the Creaturefuge Fund below!

Jaguar Peeking Out

Fundraising Ideas

Lemonade Stand - Create the Creaturefuge
  • Go to the supermarket and purchase lemonade or other refreshing beverages, or make your own!
  • Gather disposable cups (paper preferred)
  • Make a big sign that’s easy for passersby to read
  • Set up a table near your driveway, home, or building
  • Sell your lemonade (or other refreshing beverages) by the glass
Toy and Book Sale - Create the Creaturefuge
  • Gather toys and books that you are done playing with and do not want anymore
  • Bring some tables outside of your house or building
  • Decide prices for your toys and books
  • Make a big “Toy and Book Sale” sign
  • Sell them in a yard sale to your friends and neighbors!
  • Alternative: Do an even-more socially-distanced online sale!
Bake Sale
  • Bake some of your favorite goodies (cupcakes, cookies, brownies, etc.)

  • Make a big “Bake Sale” sign

  • Set up a socially-distanced bake sale outside your home or building, or at your school and/or community center (if permitted)
  • Sell your baked goods to your friends and neighbors!
Birthday Fundraiser - Create the Creaturefuge
  • Instead of presents this year, you can create a fundraiser for the Creature Hero Foundation and tell party-goers to donate in your name!
  • This can be done in-person or online!
  • You can tell your well-wishers that any amount they donate will go straight towards purchasing and protecting land for a new wildlife refuge
Painted Rock Sale
  • Gather rocks you find in your local neighborhood
  • Grab some paint and paintbrushes
  • Paint the rocks into colorful creatures!
  • Sell the painted rocks in an online or socially-distanced yard sale
  • At a party, gathering, or community event, you may wish to raffle off an item to help fundraise for the Creaturefuge!
  • Get a big jar
  • For each dollar (or amount of your choosing) that someone donates to the raffle, they get to put in a slip of paper with their name on it
  • At the end of the fundraiser, reach your hand into the jar and pull out one name
  • Whoever’s name is on the piece of paper wins the raffle prize!
  • Alternative: Do an even-more socially-distanced online raffle!
Holiday Ornament Sale
  • Whether it’s for your Christmas tree or a Hanukkah celebration, everyone needs fun ornaments!
  • Gather all the artistic materials you have
  • Let your imagination run wild in creating creature ornaments!
  • Sell your creature ornaments to your friends and family
  • Have a wonderful holiday season!

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