Creature Hero Spotlights

Creature Hero Spotlights is here to showcase the amazing work that Creature Heroes are doing for their fellow creatures across the world. We invite all Creature Heroes who have created wildlife habitat in their communities, held fundraisers, or helped protect their fellow creatures in any way to submit an application. Each month, we will choose a Creature Hero from these submissions to feature in our Creature Hero Spotlights!

This month's Creature Hero Spotlight!

This is Silas and he is a Creature Hero from South Africa!

Watch Silas and his creature friend, Indiana, take to the Creature Trail in South Africa! One of his favorite Creature Adentures is visiting Kruger National Park and seeing all the wildlife living free in their homes.

Silas’ favorite animal is the Peregrine Falcon!

For his creature Hero Project, Silas created a Pinecone Birdfeeder for the flying creatures that live in his backyard. He wants to help create a new Creaturefuge so all the wild animals we share our planet with can live free and in the wild.

Watch the video to listen to more of Silas’ story!

Previous Creature Hero Spotlights!

This is Bennett and he is a Creature Hero from New York!

Bennett has:

  • Earned all 5 of our Creature Hero Badges
  • Works on his family farm where he takes care of the cows! On the family farm, Bennett has also hung a bird feeder and a birdhouse he made! 
  • Bennett also rescued all 4 of his cats (Ellie, Emma, Sophia, and Randolph)
Bennett wants to be a creature Hero because he has a deep love for animals and wants to help threatened species!
That’s not all! Even though Bennett has earned all 5 badges, he is still completing Creature Hero projects. In the spring, Bennett will be planting trees that are native to his area.
This is James from Germany. This year, as a Creature Hero, James:

  • Built and put up bird feeders all over his neighborhood to provide habitat for our feathered friends
  • Handed out reusable recycling bags in his local grocery store to people who were about to use plastic bags
  • Raised over $500 to help create the Creaturefuge Recieved every single Creature Hero Badge

Why did he want to be featured in the Creature Hero Spotlight? As James himself puts it: “Because no matter how small I am I can change the world!”

Have you done something amazing for your fellow creatures? Click the button below to apply to be featured next in the Creature Hero Spotlight!