Introducing the first-ever Creaturefuge Fundraising Month

This November, Creature Heroes around the world are ACTIVATING CREATURE HERO POWERS and helping create a brand-new wildlife refuge in North America! Let’s see how much we can fundraise for our fellow creatures! Every week, we’ll be sharing new ideas with you to help you get started. Scroll down to see this week’s activities!

Start your own Creature Hero Foundation fundraising campaign!

Create your own fundraising campaign in your school, community, or with your friends and family! A fundraising campaign is a great way to raise funds and awareness about wildlife and the importance of protecting it. Birthday fundraisers, a-thons, and bake sales are just a few ideas of campaigns you can host! 

Click on the “Create your own Campaign” link below and select the “Fundraise for this Charity” option to get started!

Week 2: Host a Bake Sale!

Gather your friends and/or family, bake your favourite treats, and host your very own bake sale in your neighborhood or school!

Here are some ideas to get you started! Try these Wild Kratts cupcakes, these “Jungle Animal Cupcakes”, or these “Animal Cake Pops”!

Once you’ve finished your bake sale (congratulations!), you can submit your funds to the Creature Hero Foundation either online or by mail. 

Week 1: the Community Challenge!

Kick off the very first Creaturefuge Fundraising Month by helping out in your local community!

Are you looking for some ideas to get you started? Leaf-raking, trash collecting, and car washing are great ways to help in your community!

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