Our Mission


Empowering kids (of all ages) to be Creature Heroes and help wildlife

You Can Make a Difference

The creation of the Creature Hero Foundation was an answer to the call of young viewers who asked the Kratt Brothers how they could help the animals they love. Children have the ability to make a real, tangible difference for wildlife across the world. We empower them and people of all ages to do just that!

Protecting Wildlife Habitat

All creatures need homes – safe places to live, find food, and raise their young. Our focus is to work together to protect wildlife habitat where our fellow creatures can thrive. We accomplish this both in our own local communities and by establishing larger Creaturefuges: wildlife refuges that protect critical habitats for entire ecosystems of fantastic creatures!

A Journey Together

Join us to help animals and raise funds to protect wildlife habitat! We need your support to help raise awareness and funds to protect wildlife habitat! Together as Creature Heroes, we will choose the most vulnerable creatures and work to protect them through our Creaturefuge.