Creature Hero Spotlights!

Thank you for applying to be featured in Creature Hero Spotlights! The application includes a video submission. In this video, we a) welcome creativity! and b) ask that the Creature Hero introduces themselves by giving their name and letting us know which province/state and/or country/region they reside in.

We also ask that the Creature Hero answers the following questions:

  • Why would you like to be featured in Creature Hero Spotlights?
  • Describe the Creature Hero Project(s) and/or fundraisers you have done and which badge(s) you have earned.
  • What project(s) are you working on now?

We look forward to reviewing your application!

If the applicant is over 18 years old and is applying for themselves, they may enter the same name for “Parent/Guardian’s First and Last Name” and “Creature Hero’s First and Last Name”

The application can take up to 5 minutes to submit. Please only click submit once!