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Reporting LIVE From Grizzly Gulch!

Grey wolves are extremely stealthy creatures! They hunt in packs by outrunning and outlasting ungulate prey. This little grey wolf’s diet will include animals TWICE its size including bison, moose, and elk. Wolves also hunt smaller mammals like beavers, rodents, and hares.

Did you also know that grey wolves are excellent communicators?! They use their body language, scent marking, and noises such as growling, barking, and howling to convey messages to one another. For example, a pack will howl to solidify pack bonds and warn other wolf packs to stay away from the territory. 

We hope to see this little grey wolf pop up on our camera traps more often! 

Grey Wolf Spotted at Grizzly Gulch

A little grey wolf stumbles upon our camera trap!

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YOU Helped Us Name Our Resident Bobcat!

Grizzly Gulch Resident Bobcat - Shadow

Introducing our newest Grizzly Gulch resident!

In November 2022, we asked for your help in naming our resident Grizzly Gulch bobcat. Although it was a split decision between all names, our winner is…drumroll please 🥁…


Shadow has spent quite a lot of time exploring the Grizzly Gulch refuge. He tends to frequent areas where water and lots of brush are nearby. Bobcats are very stealthy species and are rarely ever spotted while out on the Creature Trail. But, thanks to the hidden Grizzly Gulch camera traps, we’ve been lucky enough to spot Shadow a few times and introduce him to all of you!

Stay tuned for more awesome updates about Shadow and all of our other Grizzly Gulch residents! 

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Help Martin Solve Who These Mystery Eggs Belong To!

Martin Kratt - Guess Which Animal these Eggs Belong to

Martin stumbled upon a cluster of eggs and needs YOUR help to figure out who they belong to!

Here are a few hints to help you figure out which creature these eggs belong to:

  • Even though they are flightless birds, they have large wings that they can use as rudders to help them turn when fleeing from predators.
  • The males incubate the eggs and care for them after they hatch.
  • This bird is related to ostriches and emus.
  • They are one of the largest birds in the world!

Don’t forget to use your creature knowledge to help Martin solve the case!

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Fill out the form below to let us know which creature you think these eggs belong to!


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Your First Spring Challenge of 2023!

Hey Wild Alliance! Chris and Martin here to help kick off this spring with your first Creature Hero challenge of 2023!

Creature Hero Gardens

We challenge you to use your Creature Planting Powers to build a garden in your backyard or community space! This garden can be as big or small as you like. Once you have planted your seeds and spotted the first signs of sprouting, send photos along with one fact about each plant you chose to add to your garden to info@creaturehero.org!

We have added a few awesome examples above of gardens that other Creature Heroes have made in their backyard for inspiration.

Let the planting begin!

– Chris and Martin Kratt

Submit your photos by July 2nd for a chance to be featured on our social media!

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Spotted at Grizzly Gulch!

These images were taken by Grizzly Gulch’s camera trap network. These cameras are positioned at strategic wildlife hubs at the refuge and are activated when they detect motion.

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Build Your Very Own Pollinator Garden

Build a Home for Hummingbirds, Bees, and Butterflies
Creature Hero Garden
  • Collect a large glass container with a lid. The larger the container, the more room your plants will have to flourish!
  • Add an inch of small pebbles or gravel to the bottom of the container
  • Add an inch or two of potting soil
  • Plant your plants, making sure there is enough room for each of them to fully grow. 
  • Add decorations such as plastic animal figures to your terrarium
  • Place the terrarium in an area with ample sunlight
  • Lightly water your mini habitat consistently and watch your plants come to life

Make sure to build your pollinator garden with an adult!

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Kratt Brothers: On the Creature Trail!

Watch awesome videos of Chris and Martin adventuring with some of the world’s coolest creatures!

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Grizzly Bear Cubs Use Hay Bales As Their Playground!

Watch this amazing video of two Grizzly bear cubs playing on top of some hay bales on Karl’s ranch!

Karl, our Grizzly Gulch Creaturefuge Manager, sees these magnificent creatures almost daily! Even Grizzly bears enjoy letting loose and having a little extra playtime throughout the day!

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